9 things you’re not prepared to do to realise your dream of working for yourself.

I hope this doesn’t piss you off, rather inspire you. But hey, I’ve accepted it may piss of the wrong person to inspire the right one.

Fail. You’re too scared of letting someone down, or having to face family and friends if it doesn’t work.

Leave a job. You’re wearing those ever so comfortable golden handcuffs, and the predictability of the pay consistently coming in is too much to lose. The fucking irony of it is, in today’s environment you’re never as comfortable or safe as you’d like to think you are.

Take a risk.

Take a step backwards. Possibly the toughest hurdle of them all, you’re not ready to park your ego for a while, scale the car down (or opt for no car at all), sell the house, eat humbly or whatever else it’ll take to get your expenses down. The lower your expenses, the greater the runway you have to get things going. But hey, you care more about impressing your friends and family with a bullshit car and big house you can’t afford and don’t need.

Prioritise long term happiness over short term gratification.

Work really hard. There’s no way around it. If you want financial freedom, if you want your own business, you’re going to have to work hard. Late nights. Weekends. You’re going to have to skip some parties, some dinners out and some trips to the beach to make it happen.

Work really, really, fucking hard. I figure it warranted repeating.

Succeed. Ironic hey? You’re too scared to chase you dreams in case you achieve them. What will that mean for existing relationships? Will you be a tall poppy to be cut down?

Lose relationships. For any one of the reasons above, you’re going to put several relationships in your life under stress. When you work really fucking hard, you must say no a whole lot more. Some people aren’t going to get that. They’re going to expect you continue to be as accessible as you always were, and the no, is going to hurt them – and thus you. Some people are going to resent when you win. Some hippy’s going to think you’re now a money hungry capitalist. Although you’re not going to say it to them, you’re going to be thinking, ‘no, fucktard, I actually just want to get off this god damn hamster wheel, inspire my kids, and do something much bigger than myself’. And yeah…. that’s going to put some distance between yourself and some people in your life now. You’re going to have to be OK with that, and trust that you’re going to attract and inspire many more of the right type of person into your life.

Geez it frustrates me when I hear people say shit like ‘he’s so lucky’, ‘she’s so lucky’, ‘I wish I could do that’, ‘You just need a good idea’, ‘they’ve got the good life’ and other rubbish implying it doesn’t take a combination of all the above to get there.

If you’re not prepared to risk everything, eat humble pie and downsize your life, or work hard for long time, you don’t want what you say you want bad enough.

Oh – and don’t use your kids or spouse as an excuse. You get one crack at this life, and when you’re on your death bed, they don’t want to know they were your so called ‘reason’ for YOU not pursing your dreams.