Here’s what I’ve been up to while you’ve been away – One month down into starting a new business.

Make sure you get to the bottom of this post. If you’re thinking of start a new small business, or have one, there are some really good tools I reference in here that’d make your life easier. 

So here goes – a bit of a run down on what I achieved in my first month of starting my new small business – The Winery Marketer.

I built my website

….on WordPress, which was pretty straightforward for me, until I had to plugin memberships and digital products. That added new issues like caching problems and the need to set up other new services like payment gateways. Which then meant, I had to become a payment gateway specialist in hours as well. Its relentless isn’t it!

I created lead magnets for the website.

I’ve added a plug in – Sumome – to allow me to set up have pop up calls to action in relevant locations around the site. Building a subscriber database is at the core of my growth strategy, so I had to have this functionality. Once that was set up, I needed to prep some premium content someone could download, in exchange for their email address. Check out one of the downloads I designed here (yep – I was a ‘graphic designer for the afternoon’ as well).


My accounting system is set up

… back dated with transactions and full balance and reconciled. I chose Quickbooks online. I did first sign up for Reckon One, but it just felt like too ‘new’ a product too quick. So far, I’ve been super impressed with my choice in Quickbooks.

We’re away! Yep – that’s March already in the black (or green in this case)!


I did a bunch of sub contracting work

….for the agency I used to work for – One Rabbit. I’m SO grateful to the guys for considering me – this has been brilliant. Its kept me working with commercial ROI in mind, and of course it’s given me a soft landing and has taken some of the perceived pressure off on revenue. Not that that has stopped me from going at a million miles an hour!

I’ve finished setting up Facebook.

Its ready to go. Not much of an audience there at the moment, but I want to get more of my content together on the site and improve my visibility on Instagram before starting to target ideal prospects on Facebook. Find it here.


Instagram is set up

…and I’ve (with help from my beautiful wife) kicked off our audience acquisition strategy. We’ve just passed the 100 follower mark on day four. A lot of them are the target – small to medium wineries. I’ve been very strategic in how I’ve approached Instagram, and I think it’s helping the pages ‘stickiness’ with profile viewers converting to followers.


And that’s just scratching the surface…

Some other things I also achieved;

Wow. When I look at what I achieved in month I, I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself!


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