Read this if you’ve never been happy enough.

I don’t know how long ago it was when I woke up to the realisation that for a long time I’d been relentlessly pursing some form of future happiness that didn’t actually exist. I guess it might have been a year or so ago.

I, like you, was continuously counting the toys in my sandpit. Despite living a pretty privileged life, enough had never been enough.

I’m now happier than I’ve ever been in life. I kid you not.

You know what changed?

I decided that I did have enough after all.

I decided to finally give myself a fucking break.

I decided that if it so happens that way that it’s OK not to be one of the one in a million people that actually leave a legacy when they’re gone.

I decided that my family are so fucking beautiful that it’s OK if ‘that’s all’ I end up with.

But I don’t, I have more; far more. As do you. And I’m grateful for that every day.

I don’t use it as an excuse for complacency or laziness. Nor as some piss weak excuse for not having the courage to chase much bigger dreams, and you shouldn’t either. The fact is, my dreams are probably still bigger than most people ever conceive for themselves, and I’m chasing harder now than ever.

But until you decide that you’re going to be happy, you never will be. So give yourself a fucking break too and stop telling yourself that bullshit story that starts like this….

“I’ll be happy when I…”

Because you won’t. You’ll want more. Happiness is in the journey. You simply have to decide when you’re ready to accept it.