What I learnt in my first week of kicking off a new business. Hint: I shouldn’t even be writing this post right now.

Its now a little over a week since I officially started pursuing building my own small business dream. God, time has gone fast. Yet at the same time, it feels like I’ve been at it for four weeks. Here’s some things I’ve learnt during this little venture.

  • I learnt its not a business, yet! Yep, you need to have some bloody humility.
  • I’ve learnt to prioritize hardcore, cause there’s a shit load to do and I need to be working on the right things – the things that are going to have impact.  This tool that my friends at One Rabbit introduced me to during the week is helping. I’ve used Trello for task management in the past, and Wrike for project management, but this little bad boy really keeps managing a lot of tasks at once simple and controlled. And its great for delegating to my favorite (hot) assistant.
  • I’ve learnt I need to take a chill pill and that things will take a little while to get going. That’s OK, as long as I have incremental milestones that are helping me achieve my long terms goals.
  • I’ve learnt the people close to me are genuinely interested in how I’m going, but for some reason I’m really bad at explaining my business model. That has to change!
  • I’ve learnt that for the average person whereby this may be the first crack at starting a new small business in Australia, knowing where to start may be VERY fucking confusing. So I wrote this (for that poor sole that has no idea where to start) during the week, sort of documenting the process as I was going through it.
  • I’ve learnt I’m very thankful for my interest and understanding in technology, start ups and entrepreneurism (not even a word… by hey who care).  It makes it SOOOO much easier to understand how everything need to bolt together and to be strategic about it all.
  • I’ve learnt I’m truly shit at turning off at the end of the day, however that I LOVE that about myself and I shouldn’t fight it.
  • I’ve learnt that its not that hard to stay focused on work during the day if you truly give a shit about the long term goals.
  • I’ve learnt I shouldn’t be writing another blog post and should go back to writing my website copy, keyword research or something else that’s going to lead to making money. So see ya!


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